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You know the four of us from many bands over the years: Pike 27, The Light Wires, Wojo, El Gigante, Alone at 3AM, and The Grey Dogs.

This band is different.

Drawing on a cratedigger’s attic of influences, we make soundtracks for the movies in your head. Kitchen sink, no vox.

You’ll dig us if you dig: Bill Frisell, The Police, Los Lobos, Tom Waits, The Meters, Pell Mell, Tortoise, Calexico, shortwave radio scanning, numbers stations, and vintage tube amps.

Ghost Man On Second is:
Mike Fair – guitar, keyboard
Andy Hittle – guitar
Dave Purcell – drums, samples
Aaron Zlatkin – bass


saturday, oct 5 @ lucius q

hello, comrades. the fourth installment of ghost man on second is this saturday, october 5, at lucius q (1131 broadway in the fabulous pendleton neighborhood). we’ll be on at 8pm sharp, playing until 10pm. it’s a kid/family-friendly place, so bring them along. you can look really smart by saying something like, “see whitney, that song was like basquiat painting …

friday, aug 9 @ lucius q

the third episode of ghost man on second goes down on friday, august 9 at lucius q (1131 Broadway in the fabulous pendleton neighborhood). we’re on at 8pm sharp. it’s a kid/family-friendly place, so bring the fam. (expose your kids to mind-expanding instrumentals — it’s great for their development.) we’ll have new songs, summer haircuts, …

Introducing Ghost Man On Second

Hello. We’re a new new band from Cincinnati. We don’t have a singer. After our first two shows at Lucius Q and Northside Tavern, folks seem pretty cool with this. Read what Mike Breen wrote about us in CityBeat. Our next show is Friday, August 9 at Lucius Q, 8-10p. Join us.


Tell us your dreams: band [at] ghostmanonsecond.net.

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