our farewell shows

join us for our last two episodes before dave heads off to new mexico.

saturday, june 5, at smale park
5-7p in the bandshell next to christian moerlein

Photo by Sajad Nori on Unsplash

friday, june 18, at lucius q
our farewell, 8-10p, at our favorite joint

friday, april 9 at lucius q

the next episode of ghost man on second is friday, april 9, at lucius q (1131 broadway in the fabulous pendleton neighborhood). we’re on at 7pm sharp, playing until 9pm. and hey, we’ll be vaccinated this time. will we play differently? come see a science experiment in real time. 

if you are still cautious about going out, our last gig there in december was safe with appropriate social distancing, masking, etc. 

thanks, as always, to rome ntukogu for the killer artwork.

saturday, dec 12 at lucius q

the next episode of ghost man on second is saturday, december 12, at lucius q (1131 broadway in the fabulous pendleton neighborhood). we’re on at 7pm sharp, playing until 9pm. email us or contact lucius q know if you want to reserve a table for free, up to six people per table. the tables are appropriately distanced. we ask that you wear masks when not at your table. [as of today, rates in hamilton county are declining again. fingers crossed that the trend continues.]

we’re fortunate: we’ve stayed healthy and have practiced regularly since we last played out 11 months ago. we have lots of new material to share with you. we hope to see you there, and also understand if you’re not comfortable being out yet.

stay well, comrades.

we hope to see you soon

our next two shows — 03.28 at lucius q and 04.05 at northside tavern — are canceled due to the current madness. we hope to see you as soon as possible on the other side.

please consider carrying out from lucius q, as well as your other favorite independent restaurants and breweries. they need our help and comforting food/drinks are especially necessary during these strange times.

stay well, wash your hands, and listen to good music (feel free to hit us up for suggestions). we will see you all again soon and it will be a beautiful night.

saturday, oct 5 @ lucius q

hello, comrades.

the fourth installment of ghost man on second is this saturday, october 5, at lucius q (1131 broadway in the fabulous pendleton neighborhood). we’ll be on at 8pm sharp, playing until 10pm.

it’s a kid/family-friendly place, so bring them along. you can look really smart by saying something like, “see whitney, that song was like basquiat painting the police and late-period miles davis having coffee in berlin.” #coolestmomever

we’ll debut a couple of new songs and drink a couple of the same old pints. and we’ll be thrilled to spend a saturday night with you. see you there.

a blackstar, not a pop star,

p.s. thanks to rome ntukogu for the fab artwork.

kitchen sink — no vox

friday, aug 9 @ lucius q

the third episode of ghost man on second goes down on friday, august 9 at lucius q (1131 Broadway in the fabulous pendleton neighborhood). we’re on at 8pm sharp. it’s a kid/family-friendly place, so bring the fam. (expose your kids to mind-expanding instrumentals — it’s great for their development.)

we’ll have new songs, summer haircuts, and the same questionable life choices to wrestle with.

kitchen sink — no vox.

yours in chorus pedals,